Whether you are looking for a specific fix or a comprehensive solution for your PC technology, Dymin has got you covered. Contact us today and let us know what’s been bugging you about your system. No idea what the issue is? No worries! Our flat-rate diagnostic and repair service will allow us to take a thorough inventory and put together a plan to resolve any tech issues, including:

  • Viruses and malware
  • Performance tune-ups
  • Disk boot failure
  • Hard drive failure
  • Windows operating system errors
  • Email problems
  • Network troubleshooting

Like you, we prioritize efficiency. We have a 24-hour turnaround guarantee, and we stick to it. With our free pickup and delivery services around the Des Moines metro area, we’ll get your equipment back into peak operating condition and into your hands ASAP.

In addition to repair, we offer a complimentary cleaning service. Allow us to take this biannual chore off your hands and save you time while protecting the longevity of your computer.

We guarantee repairs will be completed within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends, holidays, or in the event that we need to special order a part for your computer. In an emergency situation, we can also provide priority service.

Service fees cover labor only. If parts are necessary, we will call you within 24 hours to provide a quote, and you will have the opportunity to approve the cost before we move forward.

Almost all computer problems are repairable, but the amount of work required is not always cost-effective. If we find that your computer has serious problems, we may recommend an option for replacing the device, rather than having it repaired. We can custom-tailor a hand-built computer system, or you can choose a cost-effective, eco-friendly option from our wide inventory of refurbished computers.

Each cleaning service includes the following: – Dust and hair removal from internal fans and heat sinks – Exterior cleaning using specialized computer cleaning solvents – Anti-static, dust-repellent finish application – Visual inspection for any broken or missing parts

Your computer requires regular maintenance. In between professional cleanings, you can clean your own computer by using a vacuum or a can of compressed air to remove dirt from within the side panel. However, laptops typically cannot be cleaned at home because they require professional disassembly and deep cleaning (especially if you have pets that create additional dander or dirt). In these cases, it’s best to have your computer cleaned by a trusted professional.

New & Refurbished Computers

Dymin understands that reliability and performance are vital for tech users from all backgrounds, which is why we’re proud to offer Dell PCs and laptops. We’re so confident in the quality of Dell equipment that we cover the full first year of Dell’s warranty locally, meaning you can entirely rely on the Dymin technicians you know and trust for all your computer needs during the first year of ownership. You won’t need to worry about long wait times for repair, since Dell systems are reliable and not prone to breakage. For your piece of mind, every Dell system, from our store, includes a 1-5-year “next business day” warranty, assuring that parts can be shipped overnight to fix any hardware issues. Your device will be back in your hands in a matter of days.

Ask about our range of recertified Dell computers, brand-new systems that have never touched a customer’s hands because they were returned before the package even arrived at their door. Dell has to consider these systems refurbished regardless of previous ownership length — meaning up to 40% in savings on your end, with all of the same equipment and an exceptional warranty.

Dell product lines that we sell include:

  • Dell Inspiron: Everything you need to get through the day. Affordable, entry-level, and versatile. Features touch screen, integrated webcam, and standard Dell in-home warranties.
  • Dell Optiplex: A desktop workstation for any user. Advanced manageability, performance and security features. Expect years of reliable use out of this system.
  • Dell Latitude: The laptop for those who want the best in reliability, portability, and features. Magnesium alloy construction for maximum durability, offering years of reliable use for any professional.
  • Dell Precision: Top-of-the-line. Desktops and mobile workstations for professionals with demanding careers that require uncompromising reliability.

Refurbished systems: cost-effective, expert-approved

Those searching for an affordable, yet safe, option for tech can confidently choose Dymin-approved refurbished systems and parts. Our refurbished computers are professionally leased or acquired from our trade-in program.

Our selection of refurbished computers and parts changes daily, so there are always new options to explore. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new system or a specific part to replace your own, we’re happy to show you our stock. Each piece of equipment undergoes the same stringent refurbishment process, often making them better-furnished than off-the-shelf models for 40% less than the retail price. Visual inspections, upgrades, wiping prior data, general troubleshooting, cleaning, and more are all steps in our industry-standard refurbishment process.

Each purchase comes with a 90-day or a 1-year “same as new” parts and labor warranty.

Consultations cost $49. However, we’ll apply this cost to the next service you purchase within 30 days of your consultation.
A typical consultation lasts 30 minutes or less. This includes examining your entire technology setup and putting together a recommended solution.

The cost of the consultation does not include any repairs, installation, or computer work. However, if you like the solution we recommend or if we determine that you need something fixed, this can typically be done during the same in-home visit.

Upgrade Center

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade, we’re ready to help make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Keeping your system upgraded ensures that programs are running at their best, so you know you’re having the highest quality experience possible. For video calls and streaming purposes, upgrading your computer regularly prevents lagging and other nuisances that affect your viewers’ experiences. Not only will an upgrade improve the efficiency of your system, it has the potential to substantially increase productivity and help you streamline your workload. See the chart below to learn about available upgrades for your home computer, and to check prices for all the replacement parts you may need. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about our listings.

$45 – Complete diagnostics including hardware and software. Does not include repairs. 
$50 – Complete diagnostics including hardware and software. Does not include repairs.

$79 – Complete data backup for one computer. Also includes copying to a destination of your choice and moving your documents, pictures, and favorites to their appropriate folders. ($20 discount if purchased with a computer repair)

$60 – Installation or formatting and reinstallation of an operating system. We’ll install all drivers and Windows Updates. (You must provide a Windows License Key, or it must be attached to the computer.)

$40 – Your computer will run better than new! Includes removal of extraneous start-up background applications, uninstallation of unwanted programs, clean-up of temporary files, performance settings optimization, defragmentation, and all Windows Updates.

$20 -Installation or upgrade of one desktop processor and cooling heatsink/fan.

$20 – We’ll ensure memory compatibility and proper configuration of any number of modules in one desktop computer.

$20 – Installation of one 5.25″ CD, DVD, or media drive.

$20 – Installation of one internal desktop expansion card, such as PCI or PCI-Express cards.

$20 – Installation of one desktop hard drive. Does not include an operating system

$20 – Installation of one desktop power supply. We’ll neatly and professionally route all cables to maximize airflow and aesthetics.

$35 – Installation of one peripheral device, such as a printer or scanner.

$65 – Installation or replacement of a desktop motherboard, including all integral components (CPU, RAM, Video Card, PCI Cards).

$20 – Installation of one computer program or software suite.

$40 – Advanced restoration of a program that utilizes a database, such as Outlook, Quicken, Quickbooks, ACT, etc.

$35 – Installation of all hardware drivers for one desktop or laptop.

$25 – Removal or resetting of a forgotten password. Not all passwords are possible to remove, but many can be. Requires you to certify you are the owner of the device.

$40 – We’ll create an exact software clone of one of your hard drives to another. Often, this is done as part of a repair or upgrade to change to a new hard drive without reinstallation of the operating system.

$100 – Hourly labor for custom or non-standard laptop hardware tear-down or repairs. Most laptop repairs are covered under our standard $99 Flat-Rate Computer Repair service

$100 – Custom labor rate for those odd projects you might need us to do. Our techs have experience with many kinds of electronics repair or custom computer setups. Computer Repair service

PRO Build Custom PC Design

Design your own PC for your needs. Be it a high-end gaming rig, or a small office workstation our configurator lets you pick the perfect parts for your PC that meet your budget, power, size, and style requirements. Our experts will help you build and then ship it to your door.

Smart Home Installation

Let us take the stress out of setting up your new computer, network, or other devices! As part of our flat-rate installation packages, a Dymin technician will set up your equipment so your home computer systems are connected and ready to use in no time.

PC Setup

$ 129 and up

Network Setup

$ 119 and up

Hardware Installation

$ 99 and up

Data Recovery

Having a backup strategy in case of hard drive failure is important, since most computers house everything from family photos and videos to creative endeavors and important work documents. Dymin technicians can assist with cloud backup to assure that the process is done right the first time. Daily monitoring of your backups, while they’re in progress, will assure that nothing goes wrong and protect your digital valuables.


$ 150 and up


$ 600 and up


$ 2000 and up
Our standard turnaround is 7 days or fewer to complete the diagnosis and provide a firm price for recovery, and 30 days or fewer to fully extract your data and have it back in your hands. Since every case is unique, these times will vary. Many basic recoveries can be done in just a few days.
Most hard drives can have their data recovered successfully, but the possibility of success depends on the manner in which your particular hard drive has failed. Luckily, only about 10% of the data recovery cases we evaluate are determined to be unrecoverable.

A complete recovery is not always possible, depending on how your hard drive failed. In these cases, you’ll have a chance to review the data we successfully recover and decide whether or not to proceed. If we cannot recover the files you want and you choose not to continue, you won’t have to pay! You can also choose to purchase the data we are able to recover for the originally quoted price.

Yes. However, this won’t reduce the cost of the recovery process. The same amount of time, expertise, and specialized tools are required to repair the hard drive properly and well enough to recover a single file or the entire hard drive.

Data recovery is a unique skill that requires years of experience and specialized tools built exclusively for this purpose. Some people who go price shopping for data recovery options don’t know what to expect or how much they should pay. Unfortunately, this often leads to choosing unrealistically cheap data recovery services from companies that lack the ability to properly provide consistent results.

Cloud Backup

Having a backup strategy in case of hard drive failure is important, since most computers house everything from family photos and videos to creative endeavors and important work documents. Dymin technicians can assist with cloud backup to assure that the process is done right the first time. Daily monitoring of your backups, while they’re in progress, will assure that nothing goes wrong and protect your digital valuables.

Yes! Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer and again during transit to our data center, using the same security technology as banks and government websites. Your files then remain encrypted while stored in our state-of-the-art data centers that are guarded 24/7.
Our software is programmed to back up most common user file types and storage locations. By default, the following files will be backed up: Photos, documents, emails, music, videos, favorite items Items on your desktop Common accounting and financial software (QuickBooks, Quicken, Great Plains, Peach Tree, etc.) Files not listed may be excluded by default. Please check with your Dymin tech if you want to verify backup capabilities for any specific files or types.

We store up to 500GB of data. Some companies advertise unlimited backups, but they often still have restrictions regarding the storage capacity. If you exceed what they consider to be the average amount of data used by their customers, they may cancel your account. We don’t feel this is a fair way of doing business, so we prefer to be upfront with a reasonable and fair limit.

Our backup plans are sold per computer. We can back up as many as you’d like, but each additional computer does have an added cost. However, there are many ways to approach data backup, so if you have multiple computers or a lot of data, contact us to learn about your other options!

Your Dymin Tech can help you download all your files and put them back where they belong in the event that something goes wrong. Basic support is included in your backup plan, but certain programs may require additional time to “rebuild” after you’ve downloaded your backup. This is not common, but in these cases we do offer premium support as a paid service.

Computer Recycling

As one of the largest professional electronic waste recycling facilities in the Des Moines metro area, we understand the importance of proper tech recycling to the environment. We also know that it may seem easier just to abandon your tech at the dump. We assure you that with Dymin, stopping by our store with computer waste (or taking advantage of our free pickup services) is a quick and easy process. We’ll evaluate the retired business or home computer equipment, portable electronics, scrap metal, and other materials you bring in and take them off your hands, so that you can rest easy.

  • All reusable materials are broken down and recycled.
  • All hard drive and storage device data is professionally destroyed, and certified data destruction is available for HIPAA or internal policy compliance.
  • Our free pickup services for larger items make the process simple on your end.

Tech we’ll take off your hands:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • LCD Monitors
  • Keyboards, Mice, Speakers
  • Hard Drives
  • Internal PC Hardware
  • Printers, Copiers*
  • Scanners
  • Portable Electronics
  • LCD Televisions*
  • DVD Players, VCR
  • UPS Battery Backups
  • Servers
  • Network Switches, Routers
  • Network Racks
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Scrap Metal*
  • Cell Phones

*These items may have charges or limitations. Please contact us for details.

Our electronic recycling process 

  1. Computers are evaluated to determine whether they are viable for resale. 
  2. Broken computers are repaired, and those with current market value are refurbished and resold with a 90-day warranty.
  3. Dymin donates computer systems to charities, non-profit organizations, or others in need.
  4. Any computer not viable to repair or resell is dismantled, and parts with resale value are sold in our store or online.
  5. Computers determined to have no resale value are responsibly disposed of by our partners, who reclaim reusable raw materials and safely dispose of hazardous components.

Contact us today to ask about our device trade-in program. Your used desktop and laptop computers with the resale value could earn you extra cash! 

Live Tech Support

Wherever you are, we’re here to help. 
Remote technology is a huge asset to both IT service providers and customers seeking accessible support. By allowing us to view your screen on any device through an internet connection, a team member can quickly get to the bottom of any issues present. No need to haul your device into the shop; let us help you wherever you are. You remain in control of your system during the process, and each remote support session lasts as long as you feel comfortable or is necessary. 

Remote support is available during regular business hours. If you’re in need of emergency support, please give us a call and select option #9.